Pack 2 - Christmas Pack

Pack 2 - Christmas Pack

Ideal for the more intimate festive table, our Christmas Pack is designed with ease and convenience in mind. 

Easy to cook, easy to carve and easy to enjoy, you'll spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your loved ones and, really, thats what it should all be about.  

Peel your potatoes, prep your veg and off you go.  Couldn't be simpler.  


1.25-1.5kg Boneless Turkey Breast

200g Back Bacon

200g Streaky Bacon

450g Pork Chipolatas

450g Pork Sausagemeat Stuffing

470g Turkey Gravy

(Serves 3-4)


Please note: The chipolatas, stuffing and pigs in blankets in our packs may have been previously frozen or may be supplied to you frozen.

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Keep refrigerated and use within 3 days of purchase. If freezing freeze on day of receipt.

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